Terms and Conditions

All bidders must be 21 years of age.

RESTRICTED ITEMS. There are a few items that are clearly marked as PDS Only. The donors of these items have requested the bidding to be limited to the PDS community: PDS current and former parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, Board of Trustees, and alumni ONLY.

VALUES of the items are donors’ estimates and are not warranted by PDS for tax purposes or general use.

PAYMENTS are due in full at close of the auction. The preferred method of payment is to pay on the auction website using a credit card. We can also accept a check.

It is the winner’s responsibility to redeem and use their winning auction item by March 2025 unless otherwise noted in the item description.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There will be no exchanges or refunds of items by the donors except where specified. Items are not transferable. PDS has made every attempt to describe the items and services correctly, but everything is sold “as is.” Purchasers are bound by the precise restrictions specified by the donors. The terms are not negotiable. Please read the specifications and limitations carefully as described on the auction website. 

By his or her purchase, the purchaser waives any claims for liability against PDS or the donor of property or service, nor is the donor responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property that may result from the utilization of property or services sold.

PICK-UPPlease pick up all items and pay for unpaid items from the Campbell Board Room (conference room next to Reception desk at the PDS main entrance) Wednesday, March 20, 2024 8am-4pm. 

It is the winner’s responsibility to pick up their winning items during the scheduled pick-up times or email Laura Lee Jones at to make other arrangements.  

Proxy Bid / Maximum Bid: A bid on an item that a bidder leaves without being physically present. The PDS March Mania Online Auction allows a bidder to leave a bid on any item listed online by clicking “Bid Now” and entering a bid amount. All bids are kept confidential from the auctioneer and other bidders. At the time of the live auction, the bidding system will attempt to execute your bid at the lowest cost possible.

CONDOMINIUM/VACATION HOME CONDITIONS: Arrangements for use of a condominium/vacation home or other privately-owned property is subject to agreement between the donor and the winning bidder. Specifications in the brochure and/or on the auction site are those made by the donor. PDS holds no responsibility for their representation. Any cleaning or amenities charges made by the Condo Associations will be borne by the purchaser as such charges are variable. All condominium/vacation home purchases are non-transferable.