1. General Terms

VALUES of the items are donors’ estimates and are not warranted by PDS for tax purposes or general use.

PAYMENTS due in full at close of the auction. The preferred method of payment is to pay on the auction website using a credit card. Note, if you use a credit card, you must pay for each won auction item separately. If you choose to pay via check, you may pay for all won items with a single check.

All auction items must be redeemed by March 2018 unless otherwise noted in the item description.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There will be no exchanges or refunds of items by the donors except where specified. Items are not transferable.

2. Condominium/Vacation Home Conditions

Arrangements for use of a condominium/vacation home or other privately-owned property is subject to agreement between the donor and the winning bidder. Specifications in the brochure and/or on the auction site are those made by the donor. PDS holds no responsibility for their representation. Any cleaning or amenities charges made by the Condo Associations will be borne by the purchaser as such charges are variable. All condominium/vacation home purchases are non-transferable.

3. Can Presbyterian Day School cancel an item where the bidding has already started?

Presbyterian Day School reserves the right to: cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule an individual item in the March Mania Online Auction.

4. What happens if there are technical difficulties with the website during the sale closing?

If technical difficulties occur during the closing of a MARCH MANIA website sale we reserve the right to extend the closing times/dates as needed.